Sat at my desk, I was drawn to the amazing cloud forms that were appearing in the sky and instantly, I saw a creation of pictures that could only be captured in black and white and on film. It was a dark, dull, wet afternoon, but it still managed to create a scene of beauty, with the combination of the colours coming through the rain from the almost candelight reflection  from this amazing sky of mysterious covering of cloud formation that was almost a perfection of Art. When you look through the eye of a photographer, you do not see the dull, wet, miserable day  that anyone else would avoid, by either walking in the mountains, or looking into the sky with closed eyes……. for me, it was a wonderful opportunity to capture the best, from nature’s worst…… Stunning Sky, perfectly formed clouds and the rain it was delivering on to the landscape to form these wonderful shots that I wanted to share with you.

“ So this is where I am saying to you… as a photographer we look and see…. as we have a creative eye… for most people you go about your day and always busy and therefore you only look, but do not see…. this is where I can take any situation at any time, in any weather and make a photo of simple viewing to the plain eye… appear a  picture of beauty when taken on film…..

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