Fail to Plan. Then Plan to Fail – But be Adventurous and try something new!

Another dawn breaks … and thoughts are on my mind again to seek new ideas in being creative on the great Outdoors …. As normal, I pack my Camera, my filters, equipped to find something new and different from the type of photos I would normally take.  I would always plan to take my photos early in the morning, when nature is looking its best in the light of day and I am fresh in mind with ideas.   But today, I planned to look at new compositions, shadows and a different kind of light that is given off by the late afternoon sun…. the land looks different…. The trees look different… the sky above looks different…. and I am in an experimental mood….. with that in mind, I now take photos of the same subject, but with a different feeling of mood and vision. To that end… Just by changing my plans, staying focused and being adventurous,  I get the same creative and amazing pictures…but very different results, pleasing to the eye and a whole new dimension is added to my gallery.