The beauty and the Beast

The Cote D’Azur….. An idealic location for any holiday or a long weekend where you can lose yourself in Nature’s back  garden of natural beauty, a Combination of the Blues of the Sky transforming the colours of the sea and the rocky landscape that embraced the Island. Last weekend I left the city behind me and took the long journey down to the Coast to relax and get away from the hassle of city life and at the same time, could not resist the temptation to take with me my equipment and Lens to capture  the moods of the surrounding area. Nature was not kind to me, overshadowing the beauty of the surroundings, came heavy rain, cutting winds and an early evening darkness,  casting a depressing greyness  that made everything  look asleep and far from Idealic . It showed the true beast of the Land! But through the eye of a Photographer, I still managed to see beauty in all this depression and managed to capture that mood through my lens. I took to the rocks and focused my vision across the ocean and from the sky above me, was a stream of hailing rain, a whole new picture had emerged and I found  a separate Beauty through the lens of my camera and share with you the beauty that emerged from the beast of the day.