Goooood Morning World!

My alarm set in readiness for a bright and early start….. It awakes me at 4.00 am, I stir by opening one eye at a time and looking out into the still darkened sky I was wondering ……………………………. why I am I doing this… I enjoy a very early morning breakfast of Honey, Bread and some refreshing tea, packed my equipment and head for the hills in my car in readiness to greet the glorious morning sunrise. On route, I listen to my music, not quite in the mind to sing-a-long to my favourite tunes, far too early, but it certainly keeps me focused and awake on my journey.  One hour later, I reach  the wonderful hills around Piacenza, I  head for Val  Tidone and hopefully my sense of direction leads to me to the right destination I had found on Google Earth which I felt was a good place I wanted to be. On arrival, I felt delighted, in looking into the hills and the flats of the land surrounding me, the sun was just about to rise through the haze of the early dawn, it revealed a beauty I had hoped for and the perfect setting for my photography. Now I look back to when my alarm awoke me at 4 am and know exactly why I was doing this……. It was to say… Good Morning World and I am so happy to be a part of your new dawning  day !