Clapham here and there.

If you are like me, loving wake up in the morning when the sun is rising and get out of the bed to spend an early walk through the city you will appreciate these photos I took last week in Clapham. I always blame myself for setting the alarm too early. The first eye open and the other is thinking about it. You realise it should be time to move on, one leg after the other but they move slowly just because I’m still not entirely convinced if should I wake up and go out.

But then when I’m out there a really nice walk through the fresh air of the morning, the early touch of the sunlight on your face that is still sleepy, change everything somehow. Shoot after shoot your senses come to life, your attention to details focused and then you start to enjoy the day and the empty streets, that slowly are getting busier. Earlier commuters going to work, trucks delivering foods and whatever shops need for the day ahead. Life is rising.

Clapham is a wonderful area of London, just south of the river and you can’t love it. It’s full of gorgeous shops, coffee bars etc.

Let have a look at some photos I took back last week and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

P.S. I’m still working on my writing, grammar and English but I hope that these posts are starting to make sense to you.

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