The magic of Black and White

Is not easy to find words for every blog post. It’s a challenge every single time. Said that this post is about doing photography with my iPhone. I decided last year to dedicate myself to mobile photography for different reasons. Mobility, portability, the challenge just for say some of them. I’m pushing myself even further and I’m dropping the DXO One to concentrate just on iPhone photography and focusing just telling stories as I see them. I don’t want to worry anymore about megapixels, which camera is best etc. I’m carrying just my iPhone and I’m shooting for the sake of the essence of it. In my bag (a new colourful fancy new bag) I have now just portable lenses for the iPhone from an amazingly fresh, young company called Moment. Can’t wait to start with it. For now, I hope you will enjoy these photos I took my iPhone 7 Plus in London 2 weeks ago.

As the tile suggest the following are just black and white and I’m honest with you, I found the iPhone working really well for the way I feel and see photography.

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