Early morning, long walk and great fun shooting!

Recently I finally devoted my Saturday morning to photography and I’m really enjoying this beautiful routine. Waking up at 5 am is difficult sometimes, but as soon as you are on the road, walking up and down looking for things to frame, you will forget that you been up since early hours. The weather isn’t always nice, sometimes is sunny, sometimes is cloudy and sometimes is even worse or useless but at the end who cares. You plan a route and then you have to change it at the last moment just before you get on the train. But that’s fun, is healthy, is creative and what’s cool is learning to get the best from every situation. I have several projects in my mind that I would like to develop in the near future, but at the moment I’m enjoying a bit of street photography. Shooting with the iPhone is different from a DSLR because you have to think in a different way to achieve the same result you had in your head. Is challenging but it also rewarding. Once I read an interview of the great Stephen Shore and he said that his smartphone is the best camera because its fit in his pocket and then is the best camera. I can’t agree any less with him. My iPhone is always with me, my moment lens in my bag and the rest well it’s in my head and all around me. I hope you’ll enjoy the following photos from a Saturday morning in central London.

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