Why do we love photography?

I started to ask myself this question many years ago when photography started to be a real deep love for me. My journey went from film to digital and now to mobile and who knows what else in the future as at this point of technology I don’t know where we will be. But this is not the point of this post. The question is simple. Why do we love photography? What makes this beautiful art so special?We are living in a society that believes it’s really important to have thousands of followers, that influencers are teaching you how to live, dress and anything else you can think of. In photography, there are so many redundant photos, styles and it seems to me that everyone or at least a lot of us is looking to achieve someone else style. I might be the worst, simple, boring photographer or artist in the world considering what you get on Instagram but I do realise at some point that I don’t care at all. I love photography because no one is telling me what to do.
I love photography because I’m not obsessed with copying anyone.
I love photography because I just love to press the button when I see something that makes me feel good. And I love photography now more than ever because I win the battle against the boring argument about who has the biggest camera in the bag. Who has the best lens, the best accessories. I have already the best accessories available. My eyes, my brain and my heart that make me see fractions of life, landscape and moments around me and I use my phone to frame them in a photo that someone maybe like or maybe not.

At the end I just love photography.

Hope you will enjoy some photos From Italy.

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