Stratford and Olympic village through my lens.

London for a photographer is fascinating because you will never get bored with it. There is always somewhere to go, something to shot, something to discover about the big city.

I have never been in northeast London and Stratford was a great discovery and I enjoy walking through the Olympic area full with people jogging, walking, dads with their kids. Full of life, no matter was early in the day. The area is still booming since the London Olympic Games with loads of building and improvements all around.

Walking through Westfield feels like to be into another city. Coffee shop, barbers, shops and so much to view.

London Stadium it’s massive, the aquatics centre it’s a beauty of curves and lines play in harmony with the early sun.

The Hertford Union Canal has been an interesting exploration too up and down discovering nice spots and situations to frame, bicycles, chairs, reflections and so much more to end with a walk at Victoria Park and all around back to Stratford station.

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