A day at the park on a warm autumn day.

Was a nice sunny day out in the park with colleagues back in October just to make you realise how behind I’m with my posts or how much I’m shooting since I’ve got my Moment Lens. It wasn’t cold yet but someone had the nice idea to leave a wool cap for someone in needContinue reading “A day at the park on a warm autumn day.”

From Stratford to the City.

A week after my walk around in Stratford I walk from there down to the City passing by Mill Lane, Mile End, Whitechapel and finally to Tower Hill in one of the very first autumn chilly morning. My early morning, start as always with an empty train or with someone in front of you sleepingContinue reading “From Stratford to the City.”

Infinite views. We can all be superhero’s

Jack was looking for someone in trouble, or maybe he was Robin thinking how to collect money for people in need. This is what I liked to think of this guy when I was standing far from him so he couldn’t catch me taking this photo. I like to think he was going through aContinue reading “Infinite views. We can all be superhero’s”

Before it’s too late. August and September.

I was writing a new post, and I realised something was missing. A huge gap in my stories from August to September, so here we are with a recap of what we were missing.

Stratford and Olympic village through my lens.

London for a photographer is fascinating because you will never get bored with it. There is always somewhere to go, something to shot, something to discover about the big city. I have never been in northeast London and Stratford was a great discovery and I enjoy walking through the Olympic area full with people jogging,Continue reading “Stratford and Olympic village through my lens.”

My side of the story. What’s yours?

A story, it’s the view that the writer wants to share with the reader, but what’s making a story special isn’t just the inner reaction you get out of them, but for me how a story can be re-imagined from your audience while they are going through your words. An early morning can start withContinue reading “My side of the story. What’s yours?”

Destination? Coté d’Azure …

I’m so late in writing my posts then now deep into the autumn it’s a good thing to remember those hot days in the sun in South France. Menton has been my holiday place for the last 20 years and even if is not Italy we love it. I was waiting for my delayed flightContinue reading “Destination? Coté d’Azure …”

Sometimes a photo is all about luck. What do you think? I don’t!

It’s not a secret anymore that I much prefer London early in the morning when people aren’t around, at least just a few, then during the day or fun young nights. It’s so much enjoyable walk around when nobody around and gets to know places of this wonderful city with a different light. And IContinue reading “Sometimes a photo is all about luck. What do you think? I don’t!”

Back to the … let’s catch up about June

I know, and I’m sorry I have been away from my blog for too long and there is a lot to catch up. Backward at the end of June, my usual early Saturday morning walk took me on a journey from St. James Park to Hyde Park and back. I have to admit this yearContinue reading “Back to the … let’s catch up about June”