Wide Eyed and Speechless

Wide Eyed and Speechless…. Words that come into my head when I stepped into the wilderness of nature’s  back garden of beauty and peace. Leaving behind the sunshine of Italy, I arrived in England’s re-known weather front of Rain, Wind and some sunshine, although summer was officially here, it had no resemblance to the summer in my country… but still a season I love to experiment with in my work. Dressed in  my Red Hooded Sweat-Top and walking amongst the splendours of the woodlands and landscapes, it very much felt like the famous children’s fairy-tale story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, except this place of beauty certainly did not hold any fears for  me, in meeting the ‘Big Bad Wolf and my rain-wear, was certainly a god-send to keep me dry. Armed with my trustworthy equipment and Lenses, it was an ideal surrounding to experiment with my BIG STOPPER FILTER, capturing the interaction of the clouds and the fields, naturally creating light and colour only a creative mind would see with the naked eye. It’s these very photos, I was delighted to capture and now share here with you in my gallery, the outcome to what I feel was a very successful journey and taking photos in a place that may not necessary be ‘Big’ in name, on the map of towns or country anyone would choose as a first to visit, but  for me, it was a perfect two days, with perfect surroundings and in result of this… ‘The Perfect Portraits’.

And how should finished the day after a long walk with lot of great photos get during the day? Easy. A long sleep to be ready. The third day is coming!

The Poppies and daisies … the love story

When you searching for amazing place to impress in your photos and in the people’s thoughts, happened to arrived in a place you didn’t aspect. Happened to me in my 5 days journey in england. Generally you search for famous place with high impact on your observer’s eyes to let him says “WOW”,  but you never thoughts that the best place it’s near often to you.

That’s what i mean to be a photographer. Emotions comes from the heart of what you get looking deep in the photos. It’s not the place to drive away but the way you show that place that give the emotions looking at.

Walking in the countryside i arrived in that beautiful place with lot of poppies and i was in love with it. I had to got it on a photos as i was looking for that kind of place for long, and finally, i can’t miss it. I wait for right time, the right clouds and i start my work, my experimentations. And when just walking a bit on my left i found it i notice. A beautiful field full of daisy.

That was i call a perfect day!

Goooood Morning World!

My alarm set in readiness for a bright and early start….. It awakes me at 4.00 am, I stir by opening one eye at a time and looking out into the still darkened sky I was wondering ……………………………. why I am I doing this… I enjoy a very early morning breakfast of Honey, Bread and some refreshing tea, packed my equipment and head for the hills in my car in readiness to greet the glorious morning sunrise. On route, I listen to my music, not quite in the mind to sing-a-long to my favourite tunes, far too early, but it certainly keeps me focused and awake on my journey.  One hour later, I reach  the wonderful hills around Piacenza, I  head for Val  Tidone and hopefully my sense of direction leads to me to the right destination I had found on Google Earth which I felt was a good place I wanted to be. On arrival, I felt delighted, in looking into the hills and the flats of the land surrounding me, the sun was just about to rise through the haze of the early dawn, it revealed a beauty I had hoped for and the perfect setting for my photography. Now I look back to when my alarm awoke me at 4 am and know exactly why I was doing this……. It was to say… Good Morning World and I am so happy to be a part of your new dawning  day !

Be proud of yourself!

In the past few months, I have been making contact with many people over the internet through various kinds of social networks. The majority of them have been professional photographers, but also amateurs, art directors, sales managers and accounts personnel. With the Social Networks evolving at such a fast pace, it offers an ideal way to seek out many opportunities and to link with skilled and influencial people, who could help create opportunities that would prove to be of great value to me and my work. Two weeks ago, I made a very important contact with Michael Freeman, a world famous leading professional  photographer and re-known book publisher, also a teacher at UK’s Open College of  the Art.  I asked for his professional opinion about my TALENT and my work, particularly the way in which I experiment with light and for my creativeness in my photography. After an exchange of communication, I asked Michael if he would look at a selection of my BEST WORKS and give me the benefit of his expertise and advice in how I could look to improve my skills, as I was so keen to expand my knowledge and skills. I was delighted to receive a very complimentary email from Michael, which certainly made me feel very confident in my work and what I had produced  so far.

Dear Marco,You have some attractive landscapes there. Interesting experiment to show the wind moving part of the tree around. As for advice, you’re doing well as you are. Of course, we all need to develop and experiment and refine, and so on, but you seem to know that already. Keep looking for special light and special places!
Best, Michael

*Michael Freeman

One of the most widely published photographers worldwide, Michael Freeman has worked for most major international magazine and book publishers in a long career. A leading photographer for the Smithsonian Magazine for three decades (more than 40 assignment stories), Freeman has also published more than 120 books on subjects as varied as Angkor, Sudan, ethnic minorities in Southeast Asia, the Shakers, and contemporary Japanese design and architecture. His 50 books on the practice of photography are standard works, and have sold almost two million copies in more than 20 languages. His contribution to teaching is the photography courses at the UK’s Open College of the Arts, now to degree level in the national curriculum. London-based, Freeman travels for half of each year on shooting assignments, principally in Asia


The beauty and the Beast

The Cote D’Azur….. An idealic location for any holiday or a long weekend where you can lose yourself in Nature’s back  garden of natural beauty, a Combination of the Blues of the Sky transforming the colours of the sea and the rocky landscape that embraced the Island. Last weekend I left the city behind me and took the long journey down to the Coast to relax and get away from the hassle of city life and at the same time, could not resist the temptation to take with me my equipment and Lens to capture  the moods of the surrounding area. Nature was not kind to me, overshadowing the beauty of the surroundings, came heavy rain, cutting winds and an early evening darkness,  casting a depressing greyness  that made everything  look asleep and far from Idealic . It showed the true beast of the Land! But through the eye of a Photographer, I still managed to see beauty in all this depression and managed to capture that mood through my lens. I took to the rocks and focused my vision across the ocean and from the sky above me, was a stream of hailing rain, a whole new picture had emerged and I found  a separate Beauty through the lens of my camera and share with you the beauty that emerged from the beast of the day.

Fail to Plan. Then Plan to Fail – But be Adventurous and try something new!

Another dawn breaks … and thoughts are on my mind again to seek new ideas in being creative on the great Outdoors …. As normal, I pack my Camera, my filters, equipped to find something new and different from the type of photos I would normally take.  I would always plan to take my photos early in the morning, when nature is looking its best in the light of day and I am fresh in mind with ideas.   But today, I planned to look at new compositions, shadows and a different kind of light that is given off by the late afternoon sun…. the land looks different…. The trees look different… the sky above looks different…. and I am in an experimental mood….. with that in mind, I now take photos of the same subject, but with a different feeling of mood and vision. To that end… Just by changing my plans, staying focused and being adventurous,  I get the same creative and amazing pictures…but very different results, pleasing to the eye and a whole new dimension is added to my gallery.


Sat at my desk, I was drawn to the amazing cloud forms that were appearing in the sky and instantly, I saw a creation of pictures that could only be captured in black and white and on film. It was a dark, dull, wet afternoon, but it still managed to create a scene of beauty, with the combination of the colours coming through the rain from the almost candelight reflection  from this amazing sky of mysterious covering of cloud formation that was almost a perfection of Art. When you look through the eye of a photographer, you do not see the dull, wet, miserable day  that anyone else would avoid, by either walking in the mountains, or looking into the sky with closed eyes……. for me, it was a wonderful opportunity to capture the best, from nature’s worst…… Stunning Sky, perfectly formed clouds and the rain it was delivering on to the landscape to form these wonderful shots that I wanted to share with you.

“ So this is where I am saying to you… as a photographer we look and see…. as we have a creative eye… for most people you go about your day and always busy and therefore you only look, but do not see…. this is where I can take any situation at any time, in any weather and make a photo of simple viewing to the plain eye… appear a  picture of beauty when taken on film…..

Why not arrange to email me or contact me….. and discuss exactly what you are looking for.