Clapham here and there.

If you are like me, loving wake up in the morning when the sun is rising and get out of the bed to spend an early walk through the city you will appreciate these photos I took last week in Clapham. I always blame myself for setting the alarm too early. The first eye open and the other is thinking about it. You realise it should be time to move on, one leg after the other but they move slowly just because I’m still not entirely convinced if should I wake up and go out.

But then when I’m out there a really nice walk through the fresh air of the morning, the early touch of the sunlight on your face that is still sleepy, change everything somehow. Shoot after shoot your senses come to life, your attention to details focused and then you start to enjoy the day and the empty streets, that slowly are getting busier. Earlier commuters going to work, trucks delivering foods and whatever shops need for the day ahead. Life is rising.

Clapham is a wonderful area of London, just south of the river and you can’t love it. It’s full of gorgeous shops, coffee bars etc.

Let have a look at some photos I took back last week and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

P.S. I’m still working on my writing, grammar and English but I hope that these posts are starting to make sense to you.

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Italy. It’s just beautiful. Part TWO

Memories, postcards, people walking around you taking photos. In this second part of my post dedicated to my beautiful country, I want to take you around Santa Margherita Ligure, Portofino and Camogli. Colours are all around you when you walk to Portofino. Blue, yellow, green. The smell of the sea, the sound of waves smashing against the rocks and on the beach.

When you walk just above the road that leads to Portofino for the first time you wonder what you would get once you there. There is this gorgeous path under the trees and you walk through shadows, sun shining over your head. It’s so beautiful. Then when you get there you see what’s all about.

Tourist everywhere looking around for the best spot to frame in their memories shoot on their latest smartphones. All the restaurants that 1 hour earlier were all empty with the waitresses wondering if at least one person will guest at their table, are now busy taking care of the customer. Spaghetti and seafood. This is it. This is the only thing you want to eat there right? Portofino in its small building and spaces it’s so gorgeous, romantic and it still looks a postcard of memories from the ’50s.

But Portofino is not the only pearl. Camogli it’s also a wonderful place. To be fair you can be surprised from this small beautiful corner on the sea.

I talked too much right now. Let’s enjoy some pictures now.

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Italy. It’s just beautiful. Part ONE

When you travelling back to your beloved country an emotion is always growing deep down inside you. You reconnect with your family, parents and friends but on top of everything you reconnect and spend time with the person your love. If you adding to all that a wonderful time spent in Liguria discovering wonderful places like Santa Margherita, Portofino and Camogli you can’t ask more then that.

Santa Margherita Ligure is a wonderful town where the sea is crystal blue, with wonderful marine life to admire. Sea stars, beautiful tiny fish swimming in groups in those wonderful water. We spent 3 great sunny days walking around discovering places, restaurants, little markets where you can buy amazing handcraft gifts. Anyway in this first post I’m going to show you some black and white pictures I took during these days of fun, rest and amazing time.

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It’s all about colours!

Hello everyone hopes you are all good. What a week here in London with a lot of snow whitening the whole city. I’m here to talk and share with you my latest work discovering the latest addition to my photography equipment. I bought them from GOBE that is a filter manufacturing company founded by to amazing guys that wanted to do something good for our amazing earth while doing something for us. So when you buy filter you contributing to plant new trees. That’s so cool and I did my part. 17 trees will be planted. So so cool. So I bought two sets of filters. Gradient and normal coloured. For now, I tested and had fun with the normal coloured version. Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Blue and Grey.

💛 Yellow. I love it, it is so far my favourite. You get in return a natural vintage feeling in street and documentary photography. It absorbed blue and It also transforms that into green hue. Love it. Have a look at the following pictures.

❤️ Red. Oh wow, red literally blew me away and it is my second favourite filter. It absorbs blue and green and if you will use for black and white photography it will enhance blacks. If you use in colour photography. Well, you can see for yourself. What you get in return exploring and experimenting it’s absolutely cool and crazy. You can picture yourself into a blade runner style world. It’s absolutely crazy.

🧡 Orange. I wasn’t sure at first what I could get in return but when by the time I started to get deeper I started to appreciate it. Like the red work well in black and white but you can get for sure enjoying it with colours subject too. It all depends how far you want to push your photography.

💚 Green. On this was a true discovery. I love it so much. It absorbs red and blue but it makes everything so interesting. A true sci-fi looks into my eyes. Maybe just to me?

💙 Blue and 🖤 Grey. Ok. I’m not totally sold yet but I think because I didn’t use them properly. There are a lot of over casting of magenta with the blue filter, but for sure I’ll figure it out how to manage and get the best in my photography. Of course, I have to test all of them with a landscape in the future with also the gradient version.

I need a filter adapter with my DxoOne due to a different thread but it works and it going to give me a lot of potential exploring and cross the line of creativity that I always want to bring to new limits. Anyway. I wrote too much now. It’s time to stop. I think I might have bothered you too much 🙃

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South Kensington. Finding something you didn’t notice yet.

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” – Ansel Adams

I think these words from the great Ansel Adams worth more then any words I can try to put into something interesting to read. Since I completed my journey I found myself enjoy Instagram and in general social network more that I could even imagine. I’m also enjoying an interesting reading about Instagram and it’s artists thank to a wonderful present last Christmas.

Last Sunday I enjoyed a nice walk in South Kensington looking for nice spots to frame in a picture and I choose this area because of Instagram. I really enjoy looking for inspiration because it’s also a challenge. Can I find something that is not been already shoot? Can I do better? Or they will be again the same boring photos and the same boring post. Well…

And to be honest if you look deep, very deep, London is offering so many things that aren’t been notice yet, that aren’t been shoot. I’m lucky enough I can enjoy photography in the way I’m doing at the moment. Turning into a mobile photographer for me has been a kind of salvation. I know it sounds an exaggeration but to be fair for me it was. Write a post 2 days after I took these pictures? It would never happen before. Again this is just for me.

The only problem I have at the moment is defining if these are street photography or just photography. Mmmmmm it doesn’t metter right? They are just photos of things that capture my eyes and my imagination. Of course you can also following on my Instagram and of course I’m hoping you are all going to do it and you will start to follow me there too. Why not?

Anyway at the end I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I know I have to work on the text content but let say: be just patient with me as I’m sure I will improve it even if our focus here is photography. So let’s have look to some other photos and I’ll see you next time. Thank you all to waste a moment of your time and to like this post.


2018 resolutions: what I will do of my photography?

That’s it. A new year again and this one coming is a big one for me. I’ll be turning 40 and wow I’m leaving that time of your life where you’re building your future. Do you know what? I’ll still be doing that. Funny isn’t but I discovered that I’ll never stop to build my future. 😬 And for some reasons it’s fun and it keeps you young 🤔 or this is what I want to believe.

I already talked in 2017 about my journey to re discover the real love and passions in photography and how I help myself to rise again from the darkness of creativity time. To be honest it took a while. First I move myself into a mobile workflow thanks to my new iPad Pro 12.9 2nd generation and second I move from my beloved Fujifilm X-Pro 1 to my new love. The wonderful DXO One that combined to my iPhone7 Plus changed the way I shoot, organise and adjust my photography. I did go back to RAW to be honest thank to that, because the DXO One not only save a JPG in your iPhone Photos but you can also easily transfer RAW versions and then with Affinity Photo, Polarr or Lightroom I can develop them and retouch if I really need (this is still something I’m working on). I’m not and I’ll never be a huge fan of spending, wasting to much on my time on the iPad or to much do to much retouch as I prefer spend more time shooting but in this new workflow I found myself comfortable again.

But this is not the subject of this new post. What I’m going to do this year? Where I’m going to take my photography and creativity. For sure I’m going to move forward from where I ended 2017, shooting as much as I can and more hopefully more creative. This is something easier since the DXO One and I wish to show some of these shoots.

The DXO One is really an interesting camera and it is helping me to explore my creativity a lot more. I don’t know yet the reason why this is happening but it is. I spent some time last year deciding if I wanted to buy lenses for my iPhone or the DXO. Eventually I ended up with the second and I’m really happy. Next step is to expand my accessories bag and have more fun. I already ordered while I’m writing this post the original polariser and the filter adapter. I’m also looking to use my Lee filters with it especially when out shooting landscape, but they aren’t designed for this camera so I need to figure out how to use them.

I have few ideas for projects I would like to run during this year and that I care, and for sure they will be posted here but also on my social. Talking about social I have some goals I want to set too. Also post a lot more about photography, I’ll share a weekly post collecting my Instagram to keep everyone update and start a weekly episode called #throughbackthursday. Instagram at the moment is going well. At this time I have around 730 followers and my bar for this 2018 is set to reach 1,000 by the end of the year. If I’ll more well even better. Facebook is also doing well with about the same number of followers. Twitter is a platform that I love but it is also difficult to gain followers or at least it is for me. About 80 at the moment and is not an exciting number like Instagram for sure but I know how different is the audience and how difficult is to build it. But let see. And of course my website that at the end of 2017 I left behind thinking to move mainly on social network and posting just on my Facebook pages but due to recent changes in Facebook algorithm about Pages I decided to taking back my personal website on board and to do it really seriously. The bar is pretty high because my goal for it is to reach the same level of popularity I had in Italy about 7 years ago when I was mainly known as The Italian Photographer.

Oh and of course I’ll keep reading to improve my writing and make more sense with my English to make sure this blog and website will be enjoyable, fun and interesting.

Well for now, I think I wrote to much and I’m sure I have annoyed you 🙃 so I’ll stop and I let you enjoy some other photos I took with the DXO in 2017 and let see how amazing this 2018 will be.

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My journey is complete and I know now where my photography need to sit.

This is it. It happened as simple as it could be. My belowed X-Pro 1 has gone and has been replaced by the DXO One and I finally found the place I belong with my photography. Am I a mobile photographer as the future suggest we might all be one day? I’m and like the feeling that is giving me. No laptop, no external hard drive no big camera to carry with me. Not anymore. Photography in my life needs to be a joy and the natural space where I let my ideas, my creativity expand.

My workflow changed completely in the past few years. From a 17” laptop 4 years ago to an iPad Pro 12.9” second gen now. No need of an Hard Drive as everything is on the Cloud and no need of complicated and long adjustment process. With my new DXO One I’m free to publish a JPG that goes straight into my iCloud Photo Library on both my mobile device and if I need more I can get the RAW file from the camera. And it’s all mobile and light to carry and to manage and to enjoy of course.

Nottingham Station with DXO One ISO 100, 1.8f, 1/80 Speed with Polarr

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You might also notice that my domain: now point to my Facebook Page and this is part of the second step of my journey. I have been thinking a lot about that and realise how wide might be my audience if I completely embrace the social network and here I am writing blog post on my FB Page using Notes

Nottingham Station with DXO One ISO 100, 1.8f, 1/60 Speed with Polarr

In my journey there are still some things to consider but I’m quite there at the end without the feeling to change again. Well if one day Cloud, Apple, Facebook and all the things I’m using now won’t be here anymore ok I will face a change again but I don’t think is going to happen or at least not in the near future.

For my retouch (even if I never like to retouch that much and this one thing I will never change) I’m using at the moment 2 software and half. #Polarr if I’m already happy with it and I need just to fix contrast and exposure. I also #Affinityphoto if I need to retouch some spots or rid of something that wasn’t supposed to be there. The half is #Pixelmator as I’m still waiting for the new PRO version that apparently in 2018 we will also see on iPad. Yes I‘m using just my iPad and my iPhone for all this as now is possible and is possible for real.

I’m looking into the new #Lightroom as they change a lot with the last update and release with a real cloud based software but of course is not free as you need to pay a monthly fee to enjoy it. I’m not sure yet about it as I feel you can in a similar way manage with iCloud and Polarr even if is not smooth as would it be with a solution like Lightroom. Let see there is still time for that and take a final decision but the journey is coming to an end.

Nottingham with DXO One ISO 100, 1.8f, 1/4000 Speed with Polarr

Of course this is my first simple blog post following this direction so hope you enjoy this first simple one and the more that will come in the future. Come and enjoy and follow me if you want to enjoy with me my journe.