#6 Florence

Dante, Leonardo and the Medici.
t’s been so beautiful visiting and spending time in Florence, that wait to write a blog and share the photos I took there, it’s a pity.
Worldwide Florence is considered an amazing place full of art and history and young artists come from everywhere to study or just to admire the beauty of it. Nothing truer than that. Since we arrive in our gorgeous hotel literally 1-minute walk from Piazza della Signoria, you get captured by the details, the art and the beauty of the old building. Palazzi as we calling them in Italy. It sounds better than just building.
Every street is crowded. People everywhere taking pictures, selfies, eating massive panini (we call it panino because is just one. Panini in my language is plural just to let the English reader acknowledge this fact. Joke) and licking beautiful, delicious ice cream enjoying the beautiful sun that broke the doggy weather of this year’s Easter holiday. You can walk everywhere and there is always something to frame and admire.
From the Ponte Vecchio on the river Arno, Palazzo Pitti and the gorgeous Giardini dei Boboli where you can enjoy a stunning view of the Città Vecchia (the historic city centre), the Duomo that to my eyes is the most beautiful cathedral I ever saw with an amazing combination of white, green and pastel pink marbles. Everything talked about art, smelled of history and I can imagine all those amazing artists that walked here through the centuries getting inspired by all this beauty.
People always taking picture of Nettuno from the front so I did the back too. I’m sure Bartolomeo Ammannati worked hard on the front as well as the back! Hope you enjoying it!
3 days aren’t enough for Florence considering that we also visited Camaiore, Pietrasanta and the sea that it takes just 1-hour drive from Florence. The magic of Florance and Tuscany spread to the whole region. If you want to have a good time and get lost in art and beauty I can suggest it. I Hope you will enjoy the photos as I hope you enjoyed this slightly longer story!

Dante, Leonardo e i Medici..
isitare Firenze é stato emozionante, meraviglioso e pensare di dover aspettare a scrivere il blog mi sembrava un vero e proprio delitto. Firenze é considerata nel mondo una città meravigliosa piena di arte e di storia tanto é vero che giovani aspiranti artisti da tutto il mondo decidono di completare i loro studi proprio nella città dei Medici. Dal momento in cui siamo arrivati al nostro centralissimo albergo a due passi da piazza della signoria sei subito circondato dalla bellezza, dai dettagli dei palazzi antichi.
Le vie erano affollate di persone a scattare fotografie e selfies, mangiando mostruosi e gustosi panini locali e gelati in un soleggiato weekend a spezzare la monotonia del clima un pò pazzo delle vacanze pasquali.
Visitiamo il Ponte Vecchio sul fiume Arno, Palazzo Pitti e i meravigliosi Giardini dei Boboli da dove si gusta una meravigliosa vista della Città Vecchia, il Duomo che ritengo il più bello che abbia mai visto. Quel accostamento di marmo bianco, verde e rosa pastello é semplicemente meraviglioso. Ogni angolo, ogni dove parla d’arte, profuma di storia e non fatico ad immaginare come gli artisti passati per queste vie siano stati inspirati da tutte queste meraviglie nel corso dei secoli.
Siccome sono sicuro che Bartolomeo Ammannati ha lavorato duramente su entrambi i lati della statua di Nettuno ho deciso di fotografarli entrambi anche perché la gente si sofferma sempre e solo al fronte delle statue. Vi piace?
3 giorni non sono a sufficienza per visitare Firenze sopratutto considerando che abbiamo anche visitato Camaiore, Pietrasanta e i loro lidi che distano non più di un’ora di strada dalla città. La magia di Firenze e della Toscana infatti si espande a tutta la regione. Beh noi italiani conosciamo la bellezza del nostro paese (qui il post finisce diversamente dalla versione inglese) e se non siete stati ancora a Firenze o se come me avete aspettato 40 anni, non perdete tempo e andateci perché non ve ne pentirete. Buona visione.

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Destination? Coté d’Azure …

I’m so late in writing my posts then now deep into the autumn it’s a good thing to remember those hot days in the sun in South France. Menton has been my holiday place for the last 20 years and even if is not Italy we love it.

I was waiting for my delayed flight as if is something new, and while I was having dinner, I was a thinking being at the airport is always such a fun moment. People phoning all the time. I have been a witness of an Italian family of 3 all down into their phone whiteout sharing a word for at least 20 minutes.

I’m thinking of a project thinking about it. So much to do!!!

I love Black and White as you all know but there are colours to share to in this post. I hope you enjoy them.

If you missed my last blog post Sometimes a photo is all about luck. What do you think? I don’t!. Feel free to catch up.

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#throwbackthursday (episode TWO)

Episode TWO for my Throw back Thursday. My plan to create more and different content is going well. Hopefully visit will increase starting from march based on my plans. First of all before we are going into the pictures of today Instagram @marcoborghesi_official post I wish to remind my latest post SOUTH KENSINGTON publish yesterday. If you missed here is a quick link to it.

Today #tbt was focused on colours landscape. 2 of them where taken in UK in Harpenden area in 2009 when I was used to come in the country for a week of photography in the country side. So many kilometres every single times but so much fun. Walking on my own is always a pleasure. These shoot were taken with my Pentax K-5 and Lee filters. I really enjoyed landscape photography and I’m coming back soon on this subject as one of my goal and project is to challenge myself and my actual gears to achieve the same quality and mood in my future landscape. Just to remind you now I’m shooting with my iPhone7plus and my new DXO One. I’m looking to build a new filters set to use with it and soon I will be back with landscape.

marcoborghesi_official#episode 2. #tbt#throwbacktuesday. About 8 years ago I was used to come in #uk eleven I was still leaving in #italy. Was my #photography#week. Good #memories of #gorgeous places I visited.#marcoborghesi#photographer#folllowme#instagram#instagood#instacolors#colours#landscape#lanscapephotography#picofthefday#countryside#sky#clouds#paesaggio#colori#forografia#forografiadipaesaggio#fotofelgiorno#campagnainglese#campagna@visit_uk

marcoborghesi_official#episode 2 shoot number 2 #tbt#throwbacktuesday. If someone missed the first post about 8 years ago I was used to come in #uk eleven I was still leaving in #italy but first go back and enjoy the previous post. Was my #photography#week. Good #memories of #gorgeous places I visited.#marcoborghesi#photographer#folllowme#instagram#instagood#instacolors#colours#landscape#lanscapephotography#picofthefday#countryside#sky#clouds#paesaggio#colori#forografia#forografiadipaesaggio#fotofelgiorno#campagnainglese#campagna@visit_u

The third and last picture was taken in Montenegro during my honeymoon from the top dock of the ship while we where leaving the country destination Venice and unfortunately the end of the cruise but what amazing memories.

marcoborghesi_official#episode 2 shoot number 3 #tbt#throwbacktuesday. If someone missed the first 2 posts, about 8 years ago I was used to come in #uk eleven I was still leaving in #italy but first go back and enjoy the previous posts. Was my #photography#week. Good #memories of #gorgeous places I visited. #marcoborghesi#photographer#folllowme#instagram#instagood#instacolors#colours#landscape#picofthefday#sea#boat#fisherman#paesaggio#colori#forografia#forografiadipaesaggio#fotofelgiorno#mare#barca#pescatore@visit_montenegro

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A modern journey in the past.

A week ago I was organising my pictures following my rise from to be a dead photographer and focusing on a complete mobile life with iPad and iPhone and I found a couple of interesting pictures I took on my way back from Monaco. I was there for work but it was still fun. We planned to go back to our house in Italy by train conscious that the journey wasn’t the same as in UK. Most people in England complain about their transport, carriages quality but trust me you have to try our trains. Don’t get me wrong. If you travelling with the new high speed trains you will be pleased but when you need to move internally, well your journey into the past is about to start.