A wedding tale!

Vivianne & Angelo



Be part of this beautiful day is amazing and lovely. I feel part of that day of these people of those families. It’s not just go there, setting up camera, light, and ideas.It’s more deep and personal. It’s something you live, something you take part with your bride and your groom. Yes you right. I never talk about clients, but people that believe in you and your talent and that become more then clients. They will be part of your life. You live that day like them. You live that day because you want they will remember anytime they will take a look at their album how they felt on that day.



Vivienne & Angelo, a nice italian couple that goes in this new life. To bring together their love and promises to each other. A long hot summer day. Lovely families, parents and friends. Everybody hug them to take part of the great party that change their life. So lovely. So sweet. So wedding.