The simple view of the sea

Writing something that make sense is always the biggest and difficult part of my blog and my idea of writing something to enhance my photography is the thought challenge. I don’t want to look like a writer (even if I like the idea define myself as a complete artist) but I like to add text and thoughts to my photos. Otherwise this website wouldn’t exist at all. Am I right? A lot of people might read these lines and start to laugh about it but I’m pretty sure my English now after 4 years make more sense then ever. Last month I spent a nice day with my wife and some Italian friends in Brighton and again I decide to take with me my beloved X-Pro 1. The day was nice and bright even if the sun wasn’t out as I hoped but at the end what make a photo a beautiful moment to be honest (now I can hear all the photographer getting shocked) is the emotion you get into your shot. Well this is for me photography. Light, golden hours, composition etc are all important factors in photography (for those photographers that need them) but I’m also an artis and I decided long time ago that my first rule will always be to make my own rule to brake the limits of rules.

Recently I discovered the power of JPG and Film Simulations on my camera and following my project and desire to let my instinct instead of wasting time on a Mac (well something that I don’t own anymore. This is in fact my first blog post on my new 12.9″ iPad Pro) I’m also enjoying to shoot in colour. What make this interesting and challenging is the fact that if I shoot in black and white I can’t go back. Is not the same for colour but I like the idea of the old style. Challenging yourself thinking in advance what do you want to achieve and that’s why I decide to shoot straight to JPG. Anyway I wrote about this in my previous post (you can find here) so better get on with this post.

I really hope you enjoy these new pictures and if you are new to my website please have a look at all the other photos. You are more then welcome. Please enjoy.