2018 resolutions: what I will do of my photography?

That’s it. A new year again and this one coming is a big one for me. I’ll be turning 40 and wow I’m leaving that time of your life where you’re building your future. Do you know what? I’ll still be doing that. Funny isn’t but I discovered that I’ll never stop to build my future. 😬 And for some reasons it’s fun and it keeps you young 🤔 or this is what I want to believe.

I already talked in 2017 about my journey to re discover the real love and passions in photography and how I help myself to rise again from the darkness of creativity time. To be honest it took a while. First I move myself into a mobile workflow thanks to my new iPad Pro 12.9 2nd generation and second I move from my beloved Fujifilm X-Pro 1 to my new love. The wonderful DXO One that combined to my iPhone7 Plus changed the way I shoot, organise and adjust my photography. I did go back to RAW to be honest thank to that, because the DXO One not only save a JPG in your iPhone Photos but you can also easily transfer RAW versions and then with Affinity Photo, Polarr or Lightroom I can develop them and retouch if I really need (this is still something I’m working on). I’m not and I’ll never be a huge fan of spending, wasting to much on my time on the iPad or to much do to much retouch as I prefer spend more time shooting but in this new workflow I found myself comfortable again.

But this is not the subject of this new post. What I’m going to do this year? Where I’m going to take my photography and creativity. For sure I’m going to move forward from where I ended 2017, shooting as much as I can and more hopefully more creative. This is something easier since the DXO One and I wish to show some of these shoots.

The DXO One is really an interesting camera and it is helping me to explore my creativity a lot more. I don’t know yet the reason why this is happening but it is. I spent some time last year deciding if I wanted to buy lenses for my iPhone or the DXO. Eventually I ended up with the second and I’m really happy. Next step is to expand my accessories bag and have more fun. I already ordered while I’m writing this post the original polariser and the filter adapter. I’m also looking to use my Lee filters with it especially when out shooting landscape, but they aren’t designed for this camera so I need to figure out how to use them.

I have few ideas for projects I would like to run during this year and that I care, and for sure they will be posted here but also on my social. Talking about social I have some goals I want to set too. Also post a lot more about photography, I’ll share a weekly post collecting my Instagram to keep everyone update and start a weekly episode called #throughbackthursday. Instagram at the moment is going well. At this time I have around 730 followers and my bar for this 2018 is set to reach 1,000 by the end of the year. If I’ll more well even better. Facebook is also doing well with about the same number of followers. Twitter is a platform that I love but it is also difficult to gain followers or at least it is for me. About 80 at the moment and is not an exciting number like Instagram for sure but I know how different is the audience and how difficult is to build it. But let see. And of course my website that at the end of 2017 I left behind thinking to move mainly on social network and posting just on my Facebook pages but due to recent changes in Facebook algorithm about Pages I decided to taking back my personal website on board and to do it really seriously. The bar is pretty high because my goal for it is to reach the same level of popularity I had in Italy about 7 years ago when I was mainly known as The Italian Photographer.

Oh and of course I’ll keep reading to improve my writing and make more sense with my English to make sure this blog and website will be enjoyable, fun and interesting.

Well for now, I think I wrote to much and I’m sure I have annoyed you 🙃 so I’ll stop and I let you enjoy some other photos I took with the DXO in 2017 and let see how amazing this 2018 will be.

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